Ekstrom's Stage Station
The Ekstrom's Stage Station, nestled under tall pine trees in the clean air setting of Montana's Big Sky Country , was the dream of Jim and Doris Ekstrom. Ekstrom Stage Station restaurant and camping resort is a collection of reconstructed western Montana homesteader cabins and frontier buildings moved log by log from their original location up and down the Clark Fork Valley. The main building is over 150 years old and it's original location was at Bearmouth, Montana which is 15 miles east of Rock Creek . It was originally the old Birmingham Flats Station building which was located on the Mullan Trail between Hall and Missoula, Montana.

Our family has been in the service industry in the general area of the Clark Fork and Rock Creek Valleys for five generations, from 1883 to the present. Doris and Jim's original plan to serve traditional ranch meals at Ekstrom's Stage Station came from the history of the family's pioneering, growing, and ranching in the valley from as far back as anyone can remember. The most incredible treat is that the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you are treated to, have not changed from the originals served back in the day. We know you will enjoy and be back soon, because there is no way to try everything from the homemade watermelon-pickles, to the homemade huckleberry pie, and all the specials in between, in just one visit or two. So until we meet again, God Bless and Good Travels.

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