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Since 1974
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April 2024

Message from the New Owners of the Stage Station Property: 

To All Who Have Been Involved with Ekstrom’s Over the Years – Thank you! 

We recently purchased the property from the Steinbergs and wanted to thank them and the many people who have made it such a special place over the years. Our family has been visiting Ekstrom’s from Missoula for four decades and have so appreciated the wonderful food and kind hospitality provided by the Ekstrom’s and Steinberg families as well as all of those who have cooked, cleaned, and served so that we could enjoy the wonderful homemade food and beautiful surroundings. We know that we will not be able to replicate what has been but we hope to honor the spirit of the Ekstrom family when they created a place to gather at the base of Rock Creek.

With the sale of the business, new codes and regulations must be met for Missoula County so, for now, the restaurant will remain closed pending renovations. Our long-term vision is to transition the campground to a Tiny House Village (basically RVs that look like little houses on wheels) and would heartily welcome those who might be interested in “living tiny” and in community in a beautiful place. 

In the meanwhile, we will operate the campground and look forward to meeting you.

-Jessica and Pete

Under Construction

Please give us a call at (406) 825-3183 for more information.